Friday, January 10, 2014

eBooks in a math lesson?

Yes, I used eBooks in a math lesson! 

I decided instead of giving a traditional paper-and-pencil assessment at the end of our unit on solving multi-step equations, I would try a more authentic assessment. My students had become very good at solving the multi-step equations, so the real challenge for them was applying these skills to word problems and perimeter problems. So that's what I focused their assessment on.
Using the Book Creator app, I created 3 different-themed books. I put the books in the shared folder in Showbie so they could access them. They had their choice of which book they wanted to work on. Each 2-page spread contained a word problem or perimeter problem on the left side, and the directions and space for their answers on the right side. Next to every problem was a sound clip which read the problem to them as well. Their task was to go through the book reading/listening to each problem, then writing an equation and solving it, writing their final answer in a complete sentence. Using Reflector, I projected my iPad up on the SmartBoard so I could walk them through the basics of how to get started. They picked it up so fast -- they were up and running in no time!

My students did terrific with this project. Click here to download a sample project (open it in an epub reader such as iBooks). They liked the idea of skipping the paper-and-pencil test, and they really love using the iPads, even if it is for school work. They were all very focused on their books. I think next time I will have them create the entire content for the books since they now know how to use the Book Creator app so they have more ownership over their project.

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