Thursday, October 10, 2013

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Click here for template
Last night I threw together a quick QR code scavenger hunt for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. I asked my students to bring in their own phones or tablets, but I ended up with only about half of them with devices. Not a problem -- I had them work in pairs! Students were able to use the template I created for them to help organize their work. There were 8 QR codes / answers hanging around the room. They could start at any QR code and scan it to get the problem. They would sit with their partner to solve it. When they had their answer, they looked around the room to find that answer on one of the QR code signs. Then they scanned that QR code to get the next problem. They continued around the room, scanning and solving, until they finally arrived back at the QR code they started at. They all were engaged in this activity and did a great job solving the problems. What I like about this app-tivity is that it is self-checking -- if they get an answer that isn't found on any of the signs, they either made an error, or simply forgot to simplify their answer. What they like is it gets them up and moving around, using technology, and working with their friends.

This app-tivity is sooooo easy to create! I use the 
QR Beamer app to type in a problem and create the QR code. Then I save the code to my camera roll. In Word or Pages, I type one of the answers at the top of the page and insert the picture of the QR code at the bottom of the page (make sure the answer doesn't go with the problem that the QR code brings up when they scan it -- mix them up). Scan all the codes you create to make sure they work. I also like to create a worksheet for them to show their solutions to each problem. Make sure to explain to your students that they must use the "clues" to lead them to the next problem, and that they cannot just go to any QR code they want to.